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University of Korvosa

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University of Korvosa
Type Academic
Headquarters The Heights, Korvosa
Members Scholars and tutors

Source: Guide to Korvosa

The University of Korvosa is located at the University ward of the Heights District of Korvosa. The University provides mundane higher education and holds a great reputation, but not as much as the more prestigious Acadamae. Lady Jessa Leroung founded the University of Korvosa in 4488 AR.[1][2]

The University of Korvosa consists of five major buildings in its main campus, as well as three satellite buildings nearby and two more in other wards. Its five major buildings are the Leroung Hall, the Black Hall, the Jeggare Library, the Instructor Offices North, and the Instructor Offices South.[1]

The lovely Lady Eliasia Leroung is the current headmistress of the University of Korvosa. She maintains good relationships with most other noble houses.[3]


The University of Korvosa is known to be one of the foremost schools of astronomy in the Inner Sea region.[4]


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