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Caruskei is a ruined temple to an unknown god, located in the far-eastern Fierani Forest of the elven kingdom of Kyonin,1 less than 50 miles west of Kallas Lake.2


The half-crumbled temple of Caruskei is surrounded by seven narrow avenues that spiral out from it and each ends in a 10'-tall amber obelisk that encases a single bone. The temple itself is a columned, crystalline affair, which is believed to have once stood twice as tall and was topped by a blue gemstone. The gemstone seems to have exploded, as its shards lie scattered around the area. The site seems to draw lightning strikes during storms, which hit the obelisks and are sent crackling toward the central temple, and produce great balls of blue flame; this impressive display no longer seems to serve a purpose. The only clue to whom was once worshiped at this site is the depiction of bird-winged men that are etched into the obelisks.1