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Large town
Primarily gnomes and elves
Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 94

Omesta is a town in the northwestern Fierani Forest of Kyonin, inhabited primarily by treehouse-dwelling gnomes, who have been living there since before the elves' return to Golarion.1


During the elves' long absence (-5293 AR to 2632 AR),2 a small enclave of gnomes adopted this city. Yet instead of inhabiting the elegant, vacant buildings on the forest floor, the gnomes built among the trees, criss-crossing them with zip lines, winch-and-basket contraptions, and windmills set at odd angles from the treeline.31

Many races claimed abandoned elven settlements during the time of the elves' absence from Golarion, but the gnomes of Omesta did it without trespassing,45 as they did not touch the elven buildings, or even the ground. The gnomes instead created a second town in the canopy above the elven ruins. The elves, upon their return, were forced to admit that the gnomes had not trespassed and, amused by their audacity, allowed them to stay.5 The elves had another reason for allowing the gnomes to stay, they were having issues repopulating many of their existing holdings and Omesta became another experiment into interracial communities, similar to Greengold. Now, a few elves live in the buildings and ruins below Omesta.4


Omesta is a town in an inconvenient location packed in a den of tangled complexity. Located in the heart of Kyonin, in the Fierani Forest, the town's only trade is with local elves.5

Engineering is highly prized in the community. Most residents spend their free time designing and implementing practical systems to accomplish large-scale work through mechanical means. Travel to the ground is done in woven baskets in winches like elevators. Those who quickly want to go from tree to tree can ride a zip line. Rope bridges also connect tree limbs for a more sedate travel. Walls and roofs are made from woven ivy for most gnome buildings making the town appear to be a shrine to rope. Windmills protrude from the canopy, making it easy to spot from above, and turn pulleys throughout the town.5


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