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For another meaning of "Cicatrix", please see Cicatrix (weapon).

The Cicatrix is a blasted wasteland on the southwestern edge of the Tanglebriar in the elven nation of Kyonin. Crowded with camouflaged oozes, it is avoided by both elves and the nearby demons.1


Upon the elves' return to Golarion in 2632 AR from there extra-planetary refuge of Sovyrian, they immediately began fighting the demonic forces of the demon lord Treerazer, who had claimed much of their former homeland. They battled with sword and spell, but finally decided that these methods would be insufficient to overcome their enemy. At the location now known as the Cicatrix, the elves simply set fire to the swampland, hoping to purge the demonic taint with flame. Even though they succeeded in driving out the demons, the conflagration turned the land into a wasteland filled with the black stumps of trees.1 As the damage was too great for even the elves to heal, it has not recovered in the two millennia that have passed and remains a desolate wasteland.12


The Cicatrix is the domain of camouflaged oozes who lie in wait for anything to cross their path. As they are hard to tell from the dusty earth around them, the Cicatrix is an incredibly dangerous place to visit for demons and elves alike.1


Stories have been circulating for years that a Galtan noble buried his family's treasure here following the Red Revolution, although no one has ever found it. Some say that cultists and smugglers take the significant risk of traversing the Cicatrix to travel into Kyonin.2


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