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Treerazer's moving tree citadel, Witchbole

The Witchbole is a giant, twisted thorn tree which Treerazer uses as a fortress and palace. As if its appearance were not harrowing enough, the bloated, gnarled tree is completely mobile, crawling slowly through the forest on its writhing roots. The Witchbole's true nature remains a mystery, though the treants of the Fierani Forest avoid the topic, leading some to believe that the massive demonic arbor was one of their kind before being corrupted to Treerazer's evil will.1

The shattered crest of the Witchbole sometimes twists into the outline of a face, although this visage is vague. On its branches are the impaled corpses of those elves who sought to confront Treerazer directly.2


The anthracite-black waters of the tarn surrounding the Witchbole are home to perhaps the largest demon in the Tanglebriar: the gargantuan hezrou Vamollaroth.3


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