Endless Cairn

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The Endless Cairn is an ancient elven mausoleum located in the southern Fierani Forest of Kyonin near the border with the Tanglebriar.1


Most elves prefer to be buried in natural surroundings, such as being mummified in a bog, or interred in a still forest beneath a small sapling. Because death among the elves is such a long-expected if inevitable event, others prefer to elevate their death by being laid to rest in a stone tomb where others can remember them for all eternity. The Endless Cairn is the most well-known of these mausoleums. It is a squat, circular tower that stands in a swamp in the southern Fierani, and contains many famous and well-respected elves who have fallen to war, disease, or simply old age. What makes the Endless Cairn unusual is that it remains unfinished. As the structure slowly sinks into the surrounding swamp, new stories are simply built upon the old whenever they are needed, and are connected to the lower levels by passages or shafts. The Endless Cairn is known to be quite ancient, as it is mentioned in documents that predate Earthfall, and no one is sure exactly how many bodies lie perfectly preserved beneath the mire.1

Known interred

  • Lanliss Morgethai: His epitaph reads "His Blood Restores the Land", a common obituary for those who died retaking Kyonin from the forces of Treerazer after the elves' return from Sovyrian.2