Erithiel's Hall

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Erithiel's Hall is a serpentine earthen mound located in the western Fierani Forest of Kyonin. Several stories in height, between 20 feet to 100 feet across and several miles in length, the mound is said to predate the elves and is rumoured to be connected to the fey of the First World. According to the most popular myth, Erithiel's Hall is named for an ancient fey hero, Erithiel, who in the dawn of history fought against the earth serpent Garukresh. Their epic battle is said to have left deserts and seas in its wake before Garukresh was finally slain where he now lies at Erithiel's Hall. The victorious Erithiel supposedly then built a vast barrow-palace within the remains of his defeated foe. Those few elves who have tried to excavate Erithiel's Hall have found themselves plagued with bad luck and earning the hatred of the region's fey creatures.1