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Nation Kyonin
Size Large town
Population 3,450
Demographics Primarily elf

Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 94

The elven town of Riverspire is located on the Kyonin River in the southwest of the country. It grew from a single family, and the majority of its inhabitants today are still distantly related to one another.[1]


The settlement of Riverspire started out as nothing more than a single stone tower housing an elven family known as the Morgethai's. Surprisingly, the family proved fecund and a population explosion resulted in the need to expand their structures. Children worked alongside great-grandparents to expand the tower and its outbuildings until the simple ivy-coated spire evolved into a proper town.[1]

It became normal for elves marrying into the family to move into the compound themselves, often bringing members of their own clans with them. Over the centuries, the settlement became a bustling community, of which roughly two-thirds are related somehow to the original Morgethai family.[1]

Noted inhabitants

The alchemist Damiel Morgethai was born in Riverspire.[2]


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