Walking Man

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The Walking Man is a 30-foot-tall1 tree-like construct sculpted to resemble a human man. It consists of at least four different trees bound together with ivy and other vines and covered in herbs and flowers.2 The flowers include amaranth, bluebell, buttercup, celandine, clover, creeping bellflower, daffodil, dragon's teeth, eyebright, goldenrod, hawksbeard, hyacinth, iris, knotweed, lily, mouse-ear, mudwort, nightshade, orchid, shepherd's purse, and tansy.2 It was most likely created by elves, but no one remembers when or how it was made.3

Many have climbed inside of the construct's hulking body through an entrance in its shoulder and written notes.4 One such note, from Variel Morgethai, states that the burial mound Erithiel's Hall may somehow be connected to The Walking Man.5 In this room are panels that can act as controls for the construct, which were tested by Varian Jeggare.6 On midsummer each year, it takes one step towards Erages.7