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Walking Man

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The Walking Man is a 30 foot tall[1] tree-like construct sculpted to look like a man. It has at least 4 different trees bound together with ivy and other vines, and covered in herbs and flowers.[2] The flowers include amaranth, bluebell, buttercup, celandine, clover, creeping bellflower, daffodil, dragon's teeth, eyebright, goldenrod, hawksbeard, hyacinth, iris, knotweed, lily, mouse-ear, mudwort, nightshade, orchid, shepherd's purse, and tansy.[2] Most likely it was created by elves, but no one remembers when or how it was made.[3] There is an entrance in the shoulder of the construct where many have climbed and written notes inside its hulking body.[4] One such note, from Variel Morgethai, states that the burial mound Erithiel's Hall may somehow be connected to The Walking Man.[5] In this room are panels that can act as controls for the construct which were tested by Varian Jeggare.[6] On midsummer each year, it takes one step towards Erages.[7]