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Large city
Source: Elves of Golarion, pg(s). 17

The port city of Greengold is the second largest settlement in Kyonin, and the only official entry point into the elvish kingdom for non-elves. Situated on Lake Encarthan, Greengold is a popular port of call for traders and diplomats. Greengold generally appears as any other human dockside settlement, except that trees grow in strange places throughout and the yellow roofs on all the buildings makes the city quite distinct.1


In the two millennia since the elves returned to Golarion, they have faced the daunting challenge of reoccupying the ancient territories they once held before Earthfall. Due their limited numbers and low birth rate, they have not even managed to resettle all of the major cities of Kyonin, let alone the more far-flung colonies across Avistan. With this in mind, it is unsurprising that Greengold is the second-largest city in Kyonin.2

As part of a bold experiment of controlled integration, Queen Telandia Edasseril authorized the establishment of Greengold in order to observe and understand the behavior of outside races.3 While some elves dislike the intrusion of outsiders into their homeland and the progressive nature of the venture, none can deny that the experiment has proven to be most profitable, as it is the only place in which elven magical supplies are available to the outside world.4 As part of the experiment, the town was given a degree of autonomy by placing Selwyn Vanaidorl, a human, as mayor, although his actions are strictly monitored by elvish nobles.1

Rules and laws

Generally, the laws of Greengold are comparable to that of most human settlements with some elvish variations. Slavery is tolerated, but the buying and selling of slaves is not. The trees inside the town are strictly protected by law, as is the forest itself. Warships, most notably from Razmiran, are refused entry into the town, but peaceful vessels are welcome to dock at Greengold.5 Most importantly, the town is the limit for outsiders into Kyonin, and the elves do not take kindly to trespassers who leave the town limits. Foreign diplomats are free to plead their case for entry, however.4


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