Century Root

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The Century Root is a massive, half-mile-wide tree stump located in the southern Fierani Forest of Kyonin, just south and east of a bend in the Kyonin River. As of 4709 AR it was the location of a arboreal regent moot, a meeting of these woodland protectors from across the forest.1


Even though the elves are the Fierani Forest's most visible residents, they are not its oldest. This honor goes to the arboreal regents, tree shepherds who have been tending the forest since before the coming of the elves. The tree that once stood at the Century Root must have been the largest to have ever existed on Golarion, and it is now a sacred place to the arboreal regents. For the last several years, they have been holding a moot, a traditional meeting of their kind, at the Century Root, where they discuss matters of import to themselves and the forest at large. These gatherings are extremely rare, as none has occurred since the demon Treerazer's arrival more than 2,000 years ago. The elves are more than a little curious as to what is being discussed by the arboreal regents, but so far none has volunteered an answer.1