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The demonic rune of Cyth V'sug
Titles Prince of the Blasted Heath,
Demon Lord of Fungus and Parasites
Lord of Filth and Pollution
Adjective Cith-V'sugian
Home The Jeharlu, Abyss
Alignment Chaotic evil
Areas of Concern Disease
Worshipers Alchemists, black dragons, derros, drow, ex-druids, polluters, evil vegepygmies
Cleric Alignments
Domains Chaos, Earth, Evil, Plant
Subdomains Caves, Decay, Demon, Growth, Plague
Favored Weapon Scimitar
Symbol Moldy spiraling tentacle
Sacred Animal Centipede
Sacred Colors Green, yellow
Images of Cyth-V'sug

Source: Beyond the Doomsday Door, pg(s). 65

Cyth-V'sug (pronounced SITH-vih-SUG)[1] is the demon lord of fungus and parasites. Originally a qlippoth lord, he is older than any of the demons now residing in the Abyss.[2] It is though that Cyth-V'sug was spawned by the qlippoth lord called Oaur-Ooung and later ascended and transformed into a demon lord.[3]


A common depiction of Cyth-V'sug.

Cyth-V'sug is a misshapen and monstrous being the size of a house. His body is made of a horrid mass of tubers, fungus, and rot, shot through with grasping tentacles and claws. This horrid mass is topped by a vaguely draconic head with puffball eyes and a maw of sharp, broken teeth.[2][4]


An alternative depiction of Cyth-V'sug.

Cyth-V'sug resides in a layer of the Abyss known as Jeharlu, made up of a single writhing colony of parasitic fungus that corrupts anything it touches into a vile extension of its own consciousness.[5] The Prince of the Blasted Heath forever yearns to expand his domain by pulling other parts of the Great Beyond into his realm.[2][4]

Cult and worshippers

As an ever-hungry demon lord, Cyth-V'sug has little interest in forming cults or secret societies like some of his fellow demons; instead, he hungers to absorb the whole of Golarion into his realm. Still, he does have those devoted to him on the surface world, although these are generally lone madmen obsessed with spreading his fungal taint.[2] Followers wish to understand and reveal the powers of disease and infestation, revelling in the filth of the world. They seek to bring bloody sacrifices, especially of elves, to gain a greater closeness to their master.[6]

The Worldwound

Unsurprisingly, the Prince of the Blasted Heath has a dedicated following in the Worldwound, where is is venerated by numerous fungus queens in Frostmire Fen, who in turn are overseen by the greatest of their kind, Enivuni.[7]

The Darklands

Below the surface of Golarion, his veneration becomes more common. His largest group of worshipers are most probably the drow of House Urdrinor, who tend the fungus gardens of Yagasfanas and supply the drow of Zirnakaynin with edible mushrooms procured with the power of their demonic patron.[8] The derro also occasionally turn to Cyth-V'sug in their madness, searching for answers to spiritual questions.[9][10] Certain mad shamans among the more violent tribes of vegepygmies have been known to ask the demon lord for assistance as well.[11]


One of his most powerful spawn, Treerazer, a unique demon, has recently established a domain in the Material Plane in Kyonin after attempting a coup against Cyth-V'sug. The coup failed but Cyth-V'sug has yet to move against Treerazer; some consider this lack of revenge strange and the establishment of Treerazer's realm may signify a furtherance of Cyth-V'sug's ambition to assimilate Golarion.[2][4][5]