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The Senate, standing in Senate's Hill district in Oppara, is a larger building than even the Imperial Palace. It is the seat of the senatorial branch of the Taldan government, also called the senate, or the Taldan senate.1


The senate building's structure has existed in one form or another for millennia, although many large-scale repairs and revisions have been required though natural disasters, sabotage, and war. The current senate building, the Senate, is a grandiose, T-shaped edifice constructed from white marble. The building is surrounded on all sides by ostentatious columns, depicting glorious scenes from Taldor's history. One hundred steps lead to its main entrance.12


Aside from the grand prince himself, the senate remains the most important branch of Taldan government as the 222 hereditary legislators put the grand prince's orders into formal law. Senatorial positions are held for life, in theory, although political disgrace, sudden death, or other unforeseen issues have ensured that about a dozen or so seats remain unfilled. The grand prince has the authority to fill these seats and the senate can elect any citizen during the annual Grand Day of Exaltation to be ennobled and take the mantle of senator.3


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