Kitharodian Academy

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Kitharodian Academy

Bardic college
Kitharodian Academy, Canal Row, Oppara, Taldor
Train bards and Lion Blades
Bards & spies
Source: Crownfall, pg(s). 70

The Kitharodian Academy (or the Kith, as it is called by the citizens) is one of the largest bardic colleges on Golarion. The Kith allows anyone to attend its performances: members of the royalty class, the senatorial class, or unbearded. Even Grand Prince Stavian III himself sometimes attends its performances. The acting and music training at Kith is tough, producing high-level professionals. Students are expected to follow the rules and the graduation path is established by their department advisor.12

The Kitharodian Academy is located in Oppara's Canal Row district, astride of the northern cliffs of the city, overlooking the Mighty Porthmos. Its great campus features beautiful gardens, large squares, fountains, and exquisitely constructed buildings topped by high towers. More than 2,000 students are enrolled at any given time and nearly 200 teachers, administrative staff, and other employees work in the Kith.1

The Kitharodian Academy's administrator is Lord Merriweather Stokes. Besides his administration duties, he leads casts of Taldor's greatest living actors in some of the best theatrical performances of the Inner Sea region.1

The secret behind the Kith is that it is a front for Taldor's secret core of spies, called the Lion Blades. The organization usually selects its recruits among the best of the trained bards, as it prefers creative thinkers and intelligent problem solvers. Nearly all of the teachers are veteran Lion Blades, including Lord Merriweather Stokes.1


A Love That Loss Can Bear is a legendary Chelish opera, created in 3225 AR3 by The Six: a group of students at the Kith bardic college. Many consider the opera can never be equaled.4

Grand Prince Daronlyr XII is well-known throughout his rule for founding numerous arcane organisations throughout Taldor. In 3578 AR, the Kitharodian Academy was established on his order.5


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