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Equal Exchanges – Necessary Introductions

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Pathfinder Society Scenario #5-04: Equal Exchanges – Necessary Introductions
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Book - Pathfinder Society (2E) scenario

Equal Exchanges – Necessary Introductions, a Pathfinder Society scenario written by Michelle Y. Kim for tier 1-4, was released on September 27, 2023.

Since the defeat of Aslynn, the Waterfall has become more of a staple around the Grand Lodge, starting to hold strange, isolated meetings with leadership and seemingly putting together some plan. Her most recent request is that a team of Pathfinder agents journey to Hwanggot and meet with the underworld dragon, Valashinaz as a introductory team. Venture-Captain Yi Da Som arranged the meeting through Valashinaz's kobold assistant, Purepurin. Unfortunately, between then and the PCs arriving, Purepurin forgot about them in the midst of pickling recipes from goblins and creepy crawlies invading the vaults! It's up to the PCs to help Purepurin bring Valashinaz's vaults under control while she summons the dragon to ensure these introductions go off without a hitch!

Scenario overview


This is the first scenario in the Equal Exchanges metaplot arc:

  1. #5-04 Equal Exchanges – Necessary Introductions
  2. #5-09 Equal Exchanges – Skymetal Hoard
  3. #5-11 Equal Exchanges – The Hidden Current
  4. #5-18 Equal Exchanges – Tapestry of the Mind

Recurring characters, concepts, and locations

The following characters, concepts, or locations can be found in this scenario, but also significantly appear in the publications listed below:

Map support

The following Pathfinder Flip-Mat product is used in this scenario: