Mother of Serpents

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Mother of Serpents

Source: Planes of Power, pg(s). 35

The Mother of Serpents is a mysterious creature who makes her lair in the Dilatory Nest in the Plane of Fire.1


The Mother of Serpents is a massive, serpentine creature with a humanoid torso, the face of a stern, beautiful woman wreathed in flames, and spinnerets in her wrists. Her race is unknown and speculated to be anything from a lamia, to an exiled demon, to a fallen celestial.1


Those who come to the Dilatory Nest (voluntarily or not) are either instantly killed by the Mother of Serpents or engulfed in a sticky substance that her spinnerets produce, during which they undergo a painful transformation into a scaled, snakelike version of themselves. How the Mother chooses who to kill and who to transform is unknown. Transformed victims keep their minds and memories and receive no attention from the Mother, but sometimes find themselves compelled to perform odd tasks or seek out certain strangers. Those who stumble upon a cabal of hybrids will almost always find themselves forcibly brought to the Dilatory Nest.1

Recently, a cult of the Mother of Serpents has formed in Zjarra. The cultists supposedly prepare to come to the Dilatory Nest to offer themselves to her, for some unclear purpose.1