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A trox.

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Source: Bestiary 4, pg(s). 264
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Trox1 are a race of arthropodal monstrous humanoids native to the Liavaran moon Nchak.2


The original trox on Nchak were eight-legged arachnids, though the variant found outside Nchak are arthropodal humanoids, their two central sets of limbs atrophied, their muscle allocated to their legs, upper arms and fleshy tail; their natural exoskeletons enhanced and their mandibles expanded into bony scythes.2


The trox were originally a peaceful race of burrowers. Long ago, an incarnation of Nchak's ruling Forever Queen selected a contingent of trox for the task of interplanetary expansion. The explorers were magically altered into their humanoid form, then divided and ensconced in the centre of shepherd moons, which were then ejected out of Liavara's orbit.2

One of these asteroid ships reached Golarion and dug down to the Darklands, near a hryngar3 city. The hryngars wasted no time in enslaving the emerging trox, and bred them for strength and brutality. After a few generations, the hulking trox were bound to their masters by fear and pain, and memories of their ancestral home faded. Over time a few isolated groups have escaped captivity, and several clans were able to reach the surface world, whose residents were just as eager to enslave them.24


Free trox tend to be reclusive and xenophobic and can harbour deep grudges and resentment, but are inquisitive and deeply loyal to those who show them kindness.24


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