Sea of Night's Embrace

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The Sea of Night's Embrace is the name given to a vast section of the Plane of Air where the light of the fire orbs that dot the plane does not reach, and is therefore bathed in endless darkness. This darkness ranges from gentle twilight to pitch black the deeper one ventures into the sea's depths.1

The Sea of Night's Embrace is a dangerous region populated by a strange mix of undead and creatures that resemble those found in the darkest depths of the oceans of the Universe. Some say that at the heart of the Sea of Night's Embrace lies a portal to the Void, whilst others claim that an obscenely powerful entity from the Dark Tapestry lies slumbering at its centre, passively feeding on all light anywhere near it.1

Due to its dangers the Sea of Night's Embrace receives few visitors, but practitioners of shadow magic sometimes venture within its depths seeking singularities of absolute darkness and other esoteric shadow magic. Most of these visitors do not survive, but some who do have reported being followed by huge palaces of carved ebony, as if the palaces themselves were hunting any intruders into the benighted sea.1


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