Fire orb

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The fire orbs illuminate the majority of the Plane of Air as distant points of light that seem immovable; they are used by the plane's many inhabitants to navigate. Early in the plane's history, curious explorers ventured across the unimaginably vast distances of the plane to try to reach these distant points of light. When they finally reached the distant points of light, they found the fire orbs: spheres of intense light and heat. Some believe that the fire orbs must contain some sort of link to the Plane of Fire, though there is little proof of this. Still, the idea of direct portals to the Plane of Fire makes the jaathoom1 inhabitants deeply nervous as the ifrits2 who dwell on the fiery plane are the jaathooms' most hated enemies.3

The fire orbs prove very difficult to explore without powerful magic, firstly due to their remoteness but, secondly, due to their heat. Most airships or creatures cannot get near the orbs without bursting into flames due to the intensity of the heat they give off. They also create an area of extreme winds that surrounds them for hundreds of miles and proves all but impossible to navigate. While most know to avoid these areas, those inexperienced travellers who do get caught in these winds find themselves easy prey for a variety of predators that hunt on the hurricane-like winds.3


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