Citadel Cardekriel

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Citadel Cardekriel

Source: Planes of Power, pg(s). 14

Citadel Cardekriel is a vast castle and its series of outlying fortifications that sits across various islands of ice in a region of the Plane of Air where it borders the Plane of Water. Citadel Cardekriel is a huge and impressive fortress that is guarded by a knightly order of silver dragons led by the dragon Pratinaxis. This order of dragons is under near constant attack from an army of rival white dragons that lurk amongst caves found on other nearby frozen islands and who are led by an ancient white dragon named Shelsikarsis. The white dragons believe that their silver rivals hide the Shastiled, a set of artifacts that they believe will grant them control over all other dragons, within the depths of Citadel Cardekriel. Some believe that the silver dragons do not in fact have this Shastiled hidden here and, instead, are keeping the white dragon's focus on Citadel Cardekriel to distract them and prevent them from searching for its true location. What is known for certain is that Citadel Cardekriel is home to many relics sacred to Apsu, the deity of metallic dragons along with many powerful magical items of draconic origin.1