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This article contains spoilers for the following products: Through Maelstrom Rift, Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Season 8
Titles Duke of Thunder
Home Plane of Air
Alignment Neutral good
Areas of Concern Air, thunderstorms, welcome breezes
Cleric Alignments
Domains Air, Good, Travel, Weather
Subdomains Cloud, Exploration, Storms, Wind
Favored Weapon Whip
Sacred Animal Lion
Images of Ranginori

Source: Unleashing the Untouchable, pg(s). Chronicle sheet

Ranginori, the Duke of Thunder, is one of the eight powerful beings collectively known as the elemental lords. He, along with the three other good elemental lords, was defeated long ago by the evil elemental lords. Ranginori is now sealed in the Untouchable Opal by Ayrzul, but his wardens discovered that his prison was not entirely secure.[1][2]


Ranginori is an immense, lion-headed snake made of clouds with hundreds of feet and a crackling mane.[1]


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