Eshakhar I

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Eshakhar I
His Frozen Majesty, King Eshakhar I.

His Frozen Majesty, King (formerly)
Sorcerer (boreal) 10
Source: Planes of Power, pg(s). 16

His Frozen Majesty, King Eshakhar I was the evil ruler of the Sparkling Principality of Hautansia on the Elemental Plane of Air. A powerful ice scamp sorcerer who controlled potent ice magic, he used it to mend and control the ice that binds the rocky islands of kingdom of Hautansia together.

Eshakhar I secured the loyalty of his followers by ensuring that they are respected within the borders of Hautansia, unlike the rest of the plane where they are often forced into servitude. The rare and exquisite gems excavated from the mines of Hautansia also forced more powerful rulers to deal with Eshakhar I.

However, Eshakhar I was as evil and he was sensitive, and those who visit his court were required to show him the upmost respect. Those who failed to do so were frozen into solid ice blocks that Eshakhar I then carved into twisted sculptures of chiselled ice and cleaved flesh.1

Eshakhar I lost his throne when he failed in an attempt to raid an airship and was succeeded as king by Eshakhar II.2


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