Zennia Lyn

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Zennia Lyn

Monk (ki mystic) 14
Source: Planes of Power, pg(s). 17 (1E)
Rage of Elements, pg(s). 65 (2E)

Zennia Lyn is a Pathfinder who as of 4723 AR dwells on the Elemental Plane of Air researching its mysteries.1


Lyn has devoted herself to studying the plane's the spheres, mysterious and massive orbs of steel and bronze scattered across the plane. Lyn, however, does not try to translate the unreadable script that covers their surface; instead, she observes and documents their stately movements in the belief that they reveal profound secrets about the multiverse.1

As of 4716 AR these studies had yielded impressive results, and Lyn believed she was on the cusp of a monumental discovery. This attracted unwanted ire from the plane's native jaathooms,2 who held strong taboos surrounding the spheres and sought to disrupt her work.1

Despite this, at some point after 4718 AR at nearly the precise time of the reappearance of the Elemental Planes of Wood and Metal, Lyn used patterns she identified in her research to be present for the first known opening of one of the spheres. It contained habitats for kizidhars of the Plane of Wood, and Lyn used her findings and success to suggest that a second sphere connected to the Plane of Metal had also likely opened.3


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