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Source: Planes of Power, pg(s). 12–13

Neghemelu is a powerful wyrm cloud dragon who currently lives on the Elemental Plane of Air but used to reside on the Material Plane and is an expert in ancient Varisian culture. Cloud dragons are renowned for possessing both an infinite curiosity and being easily distracted resulting in them happily following their most odd intellectual whims; one such distraction led Neghemelu to Golarion. He found the world so fascinating that he ended up making his lair in an abandoned castle in the Kodar Mountains of Varisia where he became endlessly fascinated by the nation's people. This was centuries ago and Neghemelu has long since returned to the Plane of Air where he now lairs inside a colossal quartz crystal that tumbles through the plane's sky streams and is protected by a mated pair of veldenars. Neghemelu is still sometimes visited by travellers from Golarion who seek him out for his almost unmatched knowledge of ancient Varisia and its people's customs.1


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