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The Fire God
Areas of Concern
Cleric Alignments (1E)
Domains (1E)
Chaos, Evil, Fire, Magic
Subdomains (1E)
Ash, Demon, Divine, Smoke
Favored Weapon
Burning boar skull
Sacred Animal
Sacred Colors
Green, orange

Sezelrian the Fire God is a demigod[DSA]1 said to have brought intelligence and magic to the orcs. He teaches that orcs need intelligence in addition to strength to control fire and magic, but has no patience for knowledge without immediate use.23


Sezelrian looks like an orc witch or oracle wielding a mace that constantly smokes and sparks without burning. He often hides his face behind a burning demon mask.3


Sezelrian rarely fights other orc demigods, but prefers to instigate conflicts between them, serving as an adviser to one such belligerent. He prefers to ally with Zagresh, who appreciates the power of fire, and favours Nulgreth the least of all.3


All orc arcane and divine spellcasters pray to Sezelrian, regardless of which deity they worship. These orcs often incorporate smoke or flame into their rituals, and brand their flesh with burns. Common sacred objects found in Sezelrian worship include bonfires, burnt offerings, or even just candles placed on skulls. Tribes dedicated to Sezelrian are usually more tolerant of members who use magic.3


  1. This deity has been assumed to have demigod status solely due to their ability to grant their clerics access to four domains in Pathfinder First Edition rather than the five domains a full deity would grant, as per Planar Adventures 70. If this assumption and derivation is either verified or contradicted, this page and its categories should be updated, adding the authoritative source as a reference.
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