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Alignment unknown
(presumed Good)
Areas of Concern Beasts
Cleric Alignments

Curchanus is a mostly-forgotten god who reigned over beasts, travel, and endurance.[1]


While Desna was still a young goddess, she would spend many nights listening to tales of his travels. Their long talks came to a sudden end when the envious demon lord Lamashtu led Curchanus into a trap, robbing him of his dominion over beasts and catapulting the demon into divinity. This attack was too much for the god to withstand, and he was killed as a result of the theft. As his final act, he passed on his dominion over travel to Desna, who had always treasured the tales of his journeys.[2][1] It is said that this theft caused humans to lose their bond with animals, who thereafter only saw them with suspicion and mistrust.[1] Some ancient shrines on remote paths still bear faint echoes of the dead god's power.[1]

The nascent demon lord Daclau-Sar is believed to have been created by Lamashtu from Curchanus's corpse.[3]


Curchanus is known to have been worshiped by the ancient Azlanti, based on evidence found in the city of Saventh-Yhi in the Mwangi Expanse.[4]


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