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An aerial view of Dimayen.
Nation Qadira
Region Meraz Desert
Size Large town
Population 4,890
Demographics 4,590 humans, 201 sulis, 47 halflings, 18 half-orcs, 34 other
Government Overlord
Alignment Lawful neutral
Demonym Dimayeni
Adjective Dimayen
Ruler Tianka Whitewater
Images of Dimayen

Source: Feast of Dust, pg(s). 59

Dimayen is a sizable farming settlement located in southern Qadira in the Meraz Desert south of the Meraz River.[1]


Once a large and profitable farming community, Dimayen has suffered in recent times due to crop failure, the collapse of their irrigation system, and unseasonable dust storms. Although the town is still surviving, the loss of crops has crippled local trade and the city itself is slowly being abandoned by its inhabitants. Half of the buildings and farmsteads are being buried by the encroaching desert, and starvation is a looming threat.[2]


The inhabitants are proud however, and most are stubborn enough to stay through what they believe to be, "a spate of bad luck". Even so, the town elders have become increasingly concerned at signs of ankheg infestation and have begun taking precautions against the growing menace. They currently seek advice from sages as to how to drive these beasts off the farmlands, which will allow them to rebuild the collapsed irrigation canals and salvage some hope for the people.[3][2]


Paizo Inc. published an article about Dimayen as Appendix 1 of the Pathfinder Module Feast of Dust.

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