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Father Basri
Titles Archbishop of Aroden
Race/Species Half-elf
Gender Male
Homeland Oppara, Taldor
Deity Aroden

Source: Taldor, Echoes of Glory, pg(s). 21

Father Basri could possibly be the last Archbishop of Aroden left on Golarion. The old half-elf still remembers when Aroden personally spoke to him through prayer. Long ago, Father Basri has charged himself with responsibility of maintaining the Basilica of the Last Man and its collection of Arodenite holy relics and artifacts. In an effort to preserve the sacred temple, he had the idea to transform it into a tourist destination. Lately, Father Basri has been telling his remaining clergy that he believes Aroden will someday return, but some see this as nothing more than wishful thinking from a man who has yet to come to terms with his patron's death.[1]


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