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Fola Barun's face bears tattoos of her Ekujae heritage. See also Category:Images of tattoos.
A stargazer of Pulura sports the holy symbol of his goddess as a tattoo on his chest.

A tattoo is a form of temporary or permanent body modification made in a person's skin or surface to form a design. Tattoo artists can create these designs using a variety of processes and techniques.1

On Golarion

See also: Category:Tattoos and Category:Tattoo artists

Several cultures on Golarion are known for their tattooing practices:

Other cultures and groups choose to abstain from, or enforce abstinence of, the practice, such as the Kalistocrats of Druma.13

In religion

The asura rana Ioramvol is known for bearing tattoos.14

Tattooing is a sacred concern of the oni daimyo Onmyuza,15 and some followers of Nethys exhibit his duality by tattooing half of their bodies.16

Magical tattoos

Ezren gives Valeros a magical tattoo of a tiger.
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Tattoo designs, materials, or implements can be infused with magical properties, such as:


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