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The Shimmering Maiden1
The North Star2
Mistress of the Stars and the Mysterious Light of the Aurora3
Mistress of the Aurora Iobara2
No fixed abode
Areas of Concern
Northern lights
Hunters, lonely travelers, nomads, stargazers
Aid travelers, comfort the lonely, teach the constellations
Mock the homesick, deny warmth to others, pollute the sky with smoke and light
Cleric Alignments (1E)
Domains (1E)
Air, Chaos, Good, Weather
Subdomains (1E)
Azata, Cloud, Seasons, Stars
Cleric Alignments (2E)
Domains (2E)
Cold, darkness, sorrow, star
Favored Weapon
Face in northern lights
Sacred Animal
Sacred Colors
Midnight blue
Source: Chronicle of the Righteous, pg(s). 20 (1E)
Gods & Magic, pg(s). 84, 128–129 (2E)
A stargazer of Pulura sporting the holy symbol of his goddess as a tattoo on his chest.

Pulura, the mistress of the stars and auroras, is an angel empyreal lord, the patron of those travellers that become homesick, lost, or injured in the snowy wastes of the far north.5


Pulura prefers the Universe to Elysium, and keeps a number of homes hidden in the stars. When Desna requires her counsel, Pulura often visits Cynosure; and Pulura's followers are often sent to Cynosure after death.56


Pulura appears as a lovely, alluring Tian woman with the grace of a dancer, a gravity about her expression, and black, flowing hair gleaming with the light of stars. Her robes appear to be made from green and pink light, and flicker with every one of her movements. She often appears dancing amid the Aurora Iobara in the skies of far northern lands, and legend has it that her extraordinary beauty will burn any mortals who dare approach her too closely. She wields a sling made from sighs that fires bullets of starlight.5


Pulura is worshipped by denizens of the far north who believe that the aurora is an omen of her good deeds. They tell about the constellations to help others learn the night sky and to pass on stories of goodness and light. They also believe in the connection between the colour of plankton and the auroras they reflect.57

Some sailors believe that if they are homesick, they can be lured from their ships by a beautiful woman wrapped in a cloak of flickering light, reaching for them from the water's surface. If they go overboard and drown, Pulura will take their souls to her palace to keep them company, but their longing is never satisfied and, bitterly, she will eventually have to let them go.7

On Golarion

On Golarion, Pulura's influence is believed to be strongest at the Shining Sea, which has become a pilgrimage site for many of her followers.7 Pulura is also commonly worshiped by Usena azarketis who dwell within the Steaming Sea. Usenas emerge each night from their homes beneath the sea ice to gaze at the stars and share stories and songs.8

Pulura was worshiped as a major deity in the lost Kellid realm of Sarkoris. Sarkorians saw her and the demon lord Kostchtchie as dualistic gods of cold.9 She was honoured by a mighty ring of idols in the city of Dyinglight, but the city along with the rest of Sarkoris fell to the demons of the Worldwound.10 A cascade named for her, Pulura's Fall, once flowed to the northeast of Iz; it was swallowed by the Worldwound, but its namesake temple to Pulura remains and had withstood a demonic siege for more than a century.111 An idol to Pulura stands on the Walk of Lost Gods in the ravaged town of Gundrun.12


Pulura is associated with the legendary artifact known as the barding of pleated light.13


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