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This article covers the in-universe demiplane. For the Dynamite Entertainment comic book series, see Worldscape (comics).

The Worldscape is a demiplane connected to three worlds—Barsoom, Earth, and Golarion—which pulls the greatest warriors from each out of time[1] and into its confines to battle for control of the realm. In 4717 AR, the Pathfinder adventurers, Kyra, Merisiel, Seoni, and Valeros were pulled into the Worldscape, where they allied with the otherworldly heroes as John Carter, Red Sonja, and Tarzan.[2] Most are pulled into the Worldscape against their will, leading the demiplane to be called a "prison-plane" by some.[3]


The Worldscape was created by the archwizard Nex during his campaign to besiege the city of Absalom. Using the demiplane as a battery, he powered summoned duplicates of those trapped within the Worldscape to aid him in battle. When the wizard vanished into the Refuge of Nex, the Worldscape remained, and continued to draw legendary warriors from the three worlds into itself, even millennia later.[4]

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  1. This time-manipulating element of the Worldscape is evidenced by the presence of Thun'da in the Worldscape as, according to the Worldscape 4 Appendix, he served during the Second World War, which lasted from AD 1939–1945 on Earth. We know from other sources that the year of the events in the Worldscape comics, 4717 AR, is equivalent to only AD 1922 on Earth.
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