Bronze Hook

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Bronze Hook

Source: House of the Beast, pg(s). 50-51

Bronze Hook is a small trading town located in the foothills of northwestern Katapesh's Brazen Peaks, just a short distance north of the Pale River. Once a stop on a now-defunct caravan route from Ipeq to Solku, the town no longer makes the profits it once did ferrying goods and passengers across the river and charging tolls for the use of the Hook Ford. Since the trade route fell into disuse, the people of Bronze Hook have learned to survive off of what little trade trickles along the old road or the river. With their town's coffers always in mind, the local constabulary has increasingly turned a blind eye as slavers, smugglers, and traders of exotic creatures from the Brazen Peaks bring their goods through the town, despite the moral implications and frequent disturbances that come with them.1


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