Lost Temple

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Located in the southern reaches of the Katapesh desert near the border with Nex, the Lost Temple was clearly once a religious site, but no one knows which deity it was devoted to.

The ordered layout suggests that it was probably dedicated to a lawful god, but beyond that the evidence is confusing. The temple has small, individual cells that suggest it may have been a monastery of Irori. Beneath it is a huge vault reminiscent of those found in temples of Abadar, while the abandoned soaring towers look more like those dedicated to the sun goddess Sarenrae. There are even rumors that the temple may have been dedicated to the dead god Aroden, though there is no evidence of this.

The site often draws adventurers of a religious bent to the site determined to identify who it was dedicated to. This constant influx of armed adventurers has kept the site relatively free of the dangerous monsters that often use abandoned ruins as lairs.1