White Canyon

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White Canyon is not a single passage but a network of branching gulfs whose walls narrow overhead. Kholo1 live in hide tents in the most sheltered areas, or dig burrows at the base of the canyon walls. Rath Sandstalker conducts frequent raids on caravans and small settlements, seeking healthy humanoids to sell at the Fleshfairs. The warriors of Fort Longjaw attempt an attack from time to time.2

The White Canyon tribe is the second-largest kholo hold in Katapesh.3

Despite the lingering fear many people have of the monstrous population here, kholo have not been a unified threat since the Siege of Solku, when the tribe assailed the city of Solku. Even so persistent rumours speak of Noor, the Red Sultana, who is said to be attempting to gather the kholo under her banner for another assault on the city, and then beyond.3


  1. Paizo referred to all kholo as gnolls until the publication of The Mwangi Expanse, and renamed all gnolls to kholo across Player Core, GM Core, and Monster Core. For details, see Meta:Kholo.
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