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Deep within the Barrier Wall mountains of Katapesh, a network of chambers joined by winding tunnels forms a well-protected complex. Known as the Beehive, it is located on the southern road to Nex and has a number of widely known entrances.

Inhabitants have included smugglers, slavers, bandits, kholo,1 dwarves, and bee-like thriae, from which the tunnels got their name. The dwarves moved out when nothing valuable was found behind the rock walls. Currently, a hive of formians inhabits the Beehive, though they mostly toil digging new tunnels underground and rarely interact with the surface.2


  1. Paizo referred to all kholo as gnolls until the publication of The Mwangi Expanse, and renamed all gnolls to kholo across Player Core, GM Core, and Monster Core. For details, see Meta:Kholo.
  2. Stephen S. Greer & Amber E. Scott. “Land of Adventure” in Dark Markets, A Guide to Katapesh, 7. Paizo Inc., 2009