Sleeping Dove

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The Sleeping Dove is a shrine dedicated to Sarenrae located in the western reaches of central Katapesh, less than 100 miles east of Solku.

The history of Sleeping Dove is not a happy one: over 100 years ago, a group of pilgrims dedicated to Sarenrae were on a pilgrimage to Solku when they were ambushed by monstrous bandits—some say gnolls, while others say jackalweres—and were slaughtered. A week later the bodies were found by passing travellers, who saw their tattered white gowns blowing in the wind and thought they looked like doves.

Several paladins from Solku came out to the site and built a shrine to Sarenrae here to remember their fallen brethren. Ever since the shrine of Sleeping Dove has been sacred ground. Many a traveller stops to rest by the shrine as it seems to repel evil creatures and has even been known to grant the good and devout mysterious, and sometimes prophetic, dreams.[1]