Litha Vale

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Once a beautiful, vibrant valley filled with verdant life, Litha Vale is now a truly bizarre monument to that once green place.

In times past, a circle of devoted druids protected the Vale. From within this circle, a beautiful druid called Orlaas grew to prominence and she was obsessed with protecting the delicate life from the harsh conditions of the surrounding Brazen Peaks. During a particularly bad drought, Orlaas sought a way to alter all life within the vale—to quench the thirst for much-needed rains.

Orlaas delved deep into forbidden magics and performed bloody sacrifices to ancient powers. Rather then bringing salvation, she cursed the Vale, turning the plants and trees to slate, and changing all living creatures into beings of stone. Orlaas herself transformed into a foul, immortal medusa and has guarded the unchanging vale ever since, content to watch its altered, stony beauty. Were her anger to be roused, she could unleash an army of strange stone-infused creatures against whomever had stoked her ire.1


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