Jackal's Maw

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Even amongst the towering peaks and deep canyons of the Brazen Peaks the Jackal's Maw stands out as a truly unique piece of geography. The Jackal's Maw is a chasm that dwarfs all others, it is said to be near bottomless and its sides are sheer with only a few well hidden trails descending into the darkness. The Jackal's Maw is not in fact bottomless but leads into the depths of the Darklands. The site is considered sacred by the nearby gnoll tribes who think it represents both the mouth and the womb of their patron Lamashtu (the mother of monsters) for the maw both devours all that falls into it and releases horrible monsters from its depth. The gnolls make regular sacrifices to their foul deity, throwing offerings and live sacrifices screaming into the pit, the bones of the sacrifices litter the floor beneath attracting all manner of foul Darkland creatures. Few creatures are foolish enough to venture down into the depths of the Jackal's Maw and even fewer return.1


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