Stonespine Island

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Stonespine Island

Stonespine Island is a sizable island located in the northernmost reach of the Obari Ocean. The island is under the rule of the nation of Katapesh, although their control is focused on the pirate port of Okeno. The island gained its name from the barren mountains that form a ridge along the island's length.1

For over 1,000 years the island was used as a sheltered place for pirates to rest, get provisions, and hide from retribution from hostile nations. To this day, pirates needing to lay low for a while head inland on the island, its rocky foothills and jagged peaks providing countless hiding places.2 Before that, the island saw only brief action when Qadira unleashed her dervishes on the island before fighting their way across the ocean to invade Katapesh in the 16th century AR.3

The only major race native to the island are gnolls. They interact relatively well with the pirates of Okeno, where they can buy and sell slaves.4

Stonespine Island is often attacked by the Gray Corsairs of Andoran. These attacks are fueled, at least in part, by rumours that the inland mountains hide fortresses where slaves are bred and trained before being sold. These rumours remain unconfirmed as Katapeshi officials are experts at bribery and diplomatic maneuvering, preventing outsiders from penetrating the notorious island's interior.1


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