Queen of the Night

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Queen of the Night
Eiseth, one of the whore queens

Whore Queen
Angel of Vengeance
Queen of Light
Cleric Alignments (1E)
Domains (1E)
Evil, Law, 2 others
Subdomains (1E)
Devil, 3 others
Source: Princes of Darkness, pg(s). 32

The Queens of the Night, or their mortal-given title of whore queens,1 are a group of four unique female demigoddesses who have managed to distinguish themselves despite Asmodeus' unvarnished misogyny. Usually referred to by their pejorative collective name, their worshippers prefer to use Angels of Vengeance or Queens of Light to describe these four demigoddesses.2

All but one, Mahathallah, are former angels who followed the Prince of Darkness, and fled the restrictive rules of Heaven eons ago, believing that they would become monarchs in their own realms. Instead they found a strict hierarchy that has little room at the top, and where they were forced to live as second-class nobles. Over time they learned to manipulate and scheme as well as the most devious of the Pit's denizens. Roughly equal in power and prestige to the infernal dukes, they have acquired a greater notoriety throughout the Great Beyond, and their cults rival those of the archdevils and Asmodeus himself in size.2


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