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The powerful deimaviggas or apostate devils are the missionaries of Hell, seeking to turn righteous men and women from their faiths and toward the easy self-aggrandizement and atheism of the Pits.1 Deimaviggas are bastions of the cold logic of Hell and most often work alone, as even the most devoted of assistants can get in the way of their carefully laid plans.2


Deimaviggas, in their native form, appear as fully-armored warriors with long, vicious claws. The devils have no neck with their metallic head floating above their torso. Deimaviggas can, however, change shape into any humanoid they so choose in mere seconds.3


Despite being fierce foes in combat, deimaviggas are much more likely to manipulate and corrupt rather than slash and stab. Deimaviggas are able to disrupt divine healing through their lies to the target, disrupting both the spell and the target's willingness to trust their healer. Larger lies can disrupt a target's very belief in existence and the gods themselves, leading to a sort of listless nihilism in the victims of the deimavigga. Augmenting this, the devils also possess strong mind control magic. When melee combat is necessary, the long claws of a deimavigga can cut through time and space, arriving at any target the deimavigga can see—magically or physically—to strike it.3

Notable deimaviggas

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