City districts of Oppara

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Oppara is divided into 15 distinct districts, each with its own characteristics. A sixteenth district, called Grandbridge Vagabond Camp is not usually considered part of the city proper by Opparans.[1][2]

City Districts

Aroden's View
Aroden's View is one of the oldest districts of Oppara.
Canal Row
Canal Row district is mainly a residential district.
Crownsgate district is a huge market district, hedged in by the two northern branches of Central Canal.
Eastport is the smallest of the two dock districts.
The Grandbridge district is a large mercantile district, from which the Grand Bridge of the Empire emerges to connect Oppara with the Porthmos River's distant southern shore.
Imperial Square
The Imperial Square district surrounds the Imperial Palace.
Jadrishar Island
The fortified Jadrishar Island just off the western coast of Oppara is occupied in its entirety by the Taldan Imperial Navy.
The Lionsgate district is hedged in by the two northern branches of Central Canal and it is mainly a market district.
Memorial Park
The Memorial Park district has been turned into a memorial to every hero of Taldor. Almost no one lives here.
The Narrows
The Narrows district is the poorest and most dangerous district of Oppara.
Senate's Hill
Senate's Hill district is home to the majestic halls of the Senate and many Senators from distant prefectures live in the district.
Seven Towers
The Seven Towers district is built atop the ruins of the ancient Azlanti settlement of Oppara.
Westpark district is the wealthiest district of Oppara.
Westport district is the largest of the two dock districts.
Worldbreaker Hill
Worldbreaker Hill district is home to many of Taldor's military officers.
Grandbridge Vagabond Camp
Grandbridge Vagabond Camp is a massive camp of more than a thousand vagabonds, on the south shore of the river.


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