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A lion tries to play with his hunter companion.
Dire lion

Warm plains or hills
Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 193
Calhadion, a Taldan knight astride his lion.

Lions are powerful large cats that work together to hunt prey.1 They live singly, in pairs, or in family groups called prides, and are most often found on the plains of Golarion.[citation needed]2


Lions are occasionally taken by druids or other like-minded individuals as animal companions.[citation needed]3

Manticores are able to breed with lions and dire lions, among other creatures. These encounters typically result in lions with an outward feature from their manticore parent, such as a spiked tail.[citation needed]4

On Golarion

Lions are found throughout the wilder regions of Avistan and Garund, including the Carpenden Plains of Andoran,5 the Takalak Hills on Motaku Isle in the Shackles,6 the forests of Qadira,7 and on the plains of the Mwangi Expanse.8 Dire lions can be found in the Verduran Forest and Andoran and Taldor,5 and the Smokespur region of the Hold of Belkzen.9

In magic

Lions can be summoned with the summon monster and summon nature's ally spells.[citation needed]1011 They also appear as decorations on countless magic items, such as the lion's shield,[citation needed]12 and one of the figurines of wondrous power.[citation needed]13

In religion

The Iblydan hero-god Drokalion is a dire lion.14

The holy symbol of the empyreal lord Eritrice is a lectern rising from the back of a marble lion,15 artwork of Ranginori depicts him as a lion,16 and Iomedae, the demon lord Nurgal, and the infernal dukes Alocer and Vapula are often associated with lions.1718

Lion-like creatures

Quite a few fabulous creatures found throughout the Great Beyond have lion-like features. These include the agathion leonals (head),19 chimera (body),[citation needed]20 griffon (hindquarters),[citation needed]21 lamia (lower body),[citation needed]22 manticore,[citation needed]4 obcisidaemon (claws),23 and sphinx (lower body).[citation needed]24

The grogrisant, a creature resembling an eighteen-foot-tall lion with six eyes and golden fur, has appeared numerous times in Taldor's history to challenge Taldan heroes and emperors. It is unknown if it is a unique creature or a very rare species, but it has nevertheless reproduced with the lion population of the Whistling Plains and sired a breed known as the grisantian lions.2526


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