Carpenden Plains

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The Carpenden Plains are a wide, rolling land in eastern Andoran between the Arthfell Mountains, Nogortha Peaks, and Five Kings Range to the west and the Verduran Forest and Sellen River to the east. It is a sparsely populated region of small farming communities, and few local threats.1


Due to heavy logging over the past few thousand years, the northern Carpenden Plains are largely barren of large stands of trees. Due to weak rainfall, even bushes are scarce, and the land is mostly covered in a rugged scrub grass. The southern plains receive more precipitation and are more moderate in temperature, leading to a more lush landscape of tall grasses of varied color.2

Places of interest


The weather and temperature throughout the Carpenden Plains tends to fluctuate quite a bit, with scorching heat during the night followed by frigid nights. Fog with heavy dew tends to cover the plains in the morning. Fall tends to come quickly and winter is quite harsh, but the land's wilder regions do host a wide variety of flora and fauna, while the hot, sun-soaked summers and loamy soil are perfect for growing grain.2


The Carpenden Plains produce the majority of Andoren foodstuffs, including dairy, fruit, grains, olives, wine, melons, and other vegetables.1


The people of the Carpenden Plains tend to be farmers unused to the hustle and bustle of urban life along the Inner Sea coast.1



Even though the Carpenden Plains is a largely peaceful area, it does contain the occasional dangers.1 These can include bandit bands, lone giant eagles, small flocks of axe beaks, prides of lions or the rare lone dire lion, giant bees, packs of wild dogs, a nest of ankhegs, hungry giant porcupines, or giant vultures looking to supplement their regular diet of carrion.3


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