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Type Humanoid
CR +1
Environment Any
Alignment Varies
Adjective Entothropic

Source: Bestiary 6, pg(s). 116

Entothropes are similar to lycanthropes in most respects, but shift into the forms of giant insects and other arthropods instead of taking the shapes of vertebrate animals.[1]

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Entothropic forms

Their humanoid forms tend to retain some outward suggestion of their associated arthropod, such as unusually large eyes or oddly colored hair; while their hybrid forms often place arthropod heads, limbs, chitin, and other features on bipedal, four-limbed frames; and their beast forms are those of giant vermin. On nights when the moon is full, entothropes typically find taking their vermin and hybrid forms easier, while their humanoid forms become more difficult to assume.[1]

Curse of entothropy

Entothropes occur in both natural and cursed forms. Unlike lycanthropes, entothropes cannot use wolfsbane to cure the affliction of entothropy, but must use belladonna instead.[1]

In addition to their bite, natural entothropes whose vermin and hybrid forms possess stingers can spread their curse through their stings.[1]

Types of entothrope

At least three kinds of entothropes—weremantises, werespiders and werewasps—are known to exist.[1]