Wolf's Ear

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Wolf's Ear

Source: The Hook Mountain Massacre, pg(s). 69

The town of Wolf's Ear is located in western Varisia where the Lampblack River empties into Ember Lake. It gains its name from the unusually large population of lycanthropes who once called the community home.12


Originally, the town served as a haven where people afflicted with lycanthropy could live together in relative peace and not be a danger to others, or suffer from persecution. When the town was annexed by Magnimar in 4671 AR,3 however, the Lord-Mayor of Magnimar cracked down on this practice using the Church of Erastil as his agent. The citizens did not roll over and take it, though, and a bloody conflict ensued. In the end, the lycanthropes were either killed, run out of town, or driven into hiding. Even today, rumors of strange behavior from the town's citizens are still common, but the Magnimarian government is quick to brush any claims of a werewolf population under the rug.14


The largest population of lycanthropes in Wolf's Ear today are werewolves, although they go to great pains to keep their presence a secret from outsiders. They generally prefer to subtly undermine the authority of Magnimar as long as their territory or authority in the vicinity isn't threatened, but could cause quite a bit of trouble should the Lord-Mayor ever encroach upon them. Recently a rebellious pack of werewolves led by a young woman named Ruxandra Katranjiev has been calling for more overt opposition to Magnimar, even going so far as to suggest that all non-lycanthropes should be exiled from the town; so far her opinions are shared by only a small minority of the population.5