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Castle Urion

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Castle Urion
Nation Numeria
Region Felldales
Size Small town
Population 1,240
Ruler Order of knights dedicated to Iomedae

Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 115

Castle Urion is the first town most crusaders heading to Mendev up the West Sellen River see when the enter Numeria, but it is far from the typical barbarian settlements that are strewn across the country. This settlement is technically under the control of the Black Sovereign, but it is in reality controlled by an order of knights dedicated to Iomedae. These knights built Castle Urion as a way to protect and guide those crusaders sailing up the River Sellen (or "River Road" as it is often called) from Cassomir in Taldor to Chesed. This order of Iomedaean knights is particularly special, as they ride trained griffons, which help them patrol vast stretches of the river, certainly more than they could if they patrolled only on horseback.[1][2] The current commander of Castle Urion is Caroliss Minerran.[3]


Castle Urion sits on the eastern banks West Sellen River in the far southwest of Numeria, opposite the Ustalavic province of Varno. To its east lies the Echo Wood (largely within the River Kingdoms), and to its south the haunted castle of Bastardhall. The nearest upriver settlement of any size is the Ustalavic town of Cesca to the northwest. The closest one downriver is the village of Lockridge in the River Kingdom of Lambreth.[4]


In 4629 AR the Knights of Urion approached the Black Sovereign Traskind Elf-Eye and requested permission to construct a military base in the southwestern corner of Numeria. The paladins' leader swore many oaths that the proposed castle would never be used as a means to invade the ancestral Kellid lands. The intent was strictly to guard the northern part of the River Road. The Black Sovereign was initially reluctant to permit a foreign military force in his land. He gave his permission only when the knights agreed to offer the castle as a gift to him and his successors.[3]

Places of interest

The town contains an active Pathfinder lodge,[5] which was established here far from the grasp of the Black Sovereign after he burned the lodge in Starfall in 4699 AR, accusing the Pathfinder Society of illegally stealing Numeria's secrets.[6]


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