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Cornugons, also known as horned devils, are among the deadliest races of fiends that Hell has brought forth. These devils are commanders and elite warriors in infernal armies.1


A cornugon is a hulking red gargoyle-like fiend with a long tail, standing nine feet tall and weighing around seven hundred pounds, its bat-like wings spreading fourteen feet in width. Its body bristles with spines harder than iron, and a great crown of horns adorns its head. Most cornugons wield vicious spiked chains in combat.2[citation needed]

Habitat and society

Cornugons are forged over millennia from lesser devils who endure the wars and brutal training of Malebolge.3 Cornugons are utterly without mercy and unfailingly obedient to their commanders, leading legions of lesser devils in battle, infiltrating enemy posts, or acting as the vanguard of infernal invasions. Mortal spellcasters seeking to summon cornugons may tempt them with offerings of powerful magical weapons,4 or the promise of bloodshed.1

Once every 5,000 or so years, a cornugon deemed worthy by the powers of Hell is sent to face the soul-freezing horrors of Cocytus. Those few that survive undergo a painful metamorphosis, rising to the rank of malebranche.4


Cornugons regenerate rapidly from wounds, except for those inflicted by holy weapons or magic, and they radiate an aura of supernatural dread. They possess a myriad of powerful magical abilities, including the ability to banish good or chaotic creatures back to their plane of origin, create a magic circle against the powers of good, teleport, create potent illusions, conjure balls of fire and bolts of lightning, and summon hamatulas. When wielded in their hands, cornugons' unholy barbed chains can paralyze their enemies, and their long tails inflict bleeding wounds that are almost impossible to staunch, even with healing magic.2[citation needed]

Known cornugons

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