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Located in Iobaria, the former settlement of Hroran is a ghost-town, overgrown and abandoned.[1]


Originally founded in 1080 AR on the foothills of the Syrzemyan Highlands, the town quickly became a vibrant logging camp, designed to take advantage of the fast waters of the Noyrus River in order to transport lumber to the thriving city port of Kridorn. Its founding proved extremely profitable, resulting in a year of plenty once the settlement was established.[2][1]

In 4388 AR however, during a particularly harsh winter, the settlement went silent. Investigation revealed that every inhabitant had mysteriously disappeared, leaving the buildings and roads forsaken but otherwise intact. Over time, the town becomes overgrown by the encroaching forest.[1]

In 4400 AR the new town of Volod is established to take up the task of providing lumber to the coast.[3]