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Source: The Varnhold Vanishing, pg(s). 60

The temple city of Kirya is located in the peaks above the Syrzemyan Highlands of Iobaria, and is accessible only by flight or via the cyclopean Koloran road that runs across the Grenalthrost and the Grenalf Plateau. An ancient cyclops temple city surrounding a clear mountain lake called Orost-Kar, the modern city of Kirya was founded by the Ulfen explorer Grenalf in 846 AR who named the city after his wife. Priests of various Iobarian faiths soon reconsecrated the temples to their own gods, and the city became a centre for pilgrimages from across Iobaria.1

Kirya eventually became one of Iobaria's largest cities, with new building materials brought in from the Orostgard forest, until the logging awoke something, leading to the depopulation of Kirya by 1574 AR. Since then, various powers have taken control of Kirya, including a group of cyclopes and hill giants who built the Temples of Blood and Bone out of human bodies. The cyclopes and giants were cleared out by one of Iobaria's many plagues, and succeeded by hobgoblins, who ruled until the rise of New Iobaria in 3212 AR when humans reclaimed Kirya.1

Under the leadership of grand druid Fedor Vasylk, the temple city is maintaining its independence in the conflicts between Orlov, Kridorn, and Mirnbay. Its inhabitants embrace 36 local nature gods who are seen as Erastil's children.1

Dragons who were once allies of Iobaria's noble houses are known to inhabit the ruins beneath Kirya.2


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